Historic railway of Centre-Var

The Fête du Citron® in Menton

Join Menton by historic train to attend the famous Fête du Citron®


  • passengers

Nombre minimum: 20 adultes
  • Adulte

  • 2 adultes, 1 enfant
The Fête du Citron®

For more than 15 days, the Fête du Citron® attracts more than 200,000 visitors to Menton each year. Take our train to experience the Corso des fruits d'or (parades of floats made of citrus fruits and led by groups), admire the exhibition of citrus motifs in the Biovès gardens, without forgetting to visit the Salon de Crafts and the Orchid Festival with unforgettable scents.

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Your trip

Placement on board the train

In the train used, each place is identified with a car and a seat number. Places are assigned so that each family is together. If you are traveling with several families or groups of friends, please let us know at least one week before departure so that you can be placed together!

The rolling stock

You will travel aboard our red and white X2204 railcar or the blue and white X4903/4.


The X2204 is a railcar built in 1985. After starting his career in Limoges, he was transferred in the early 2000s to Nice to handle the Nice - Tende - Limone connections, in Italy. Removed from the staff in 2015, he joined the association's park shortly after.


From its official name "diesel self-propelled element", the X4903/4 is part of the latest version of the large "Caravelle" family, well known for their red and cream livery. Built in 1975, it began its career in Marseille, on the Cévennes line: Marseille - Nîmes - Clermont-Ferrand. All the X4900s were brought together in Rouen in the 1990s. The X4903/4 was written off in 2015 and joined the fleet in 2018 where it was repainted in a livery as close as possible to the original one.
We remind you that this train is maintained and cleaned by a team of volunteers, please do not cause any damage.

For your safety

On board the train

Under no circumstances attempt to open the doors without having been invited to do so by the volunteers and wait for the train to come to a complete standstill before descending during the planned stops at the station. Don't throw anything out of the train and avoid poking your head out of the windows, our routes are often rich in vegetation... and the branches are not always tender!

In the SNCF areas

We travel on the national rail network, owned by the SNCF. At the station, stay on the platforms and do not venture into areas where access is prohibited, this behavior is punishable by a fine and imprisonment. Do not attempt to cross the tracks outside of the planned passages and stay away from the edge of the platform, our train is not alone on the rails.

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